Welcome to our shredding company’s Orange County Shredding website!

What we do.

We shred paper for businesses and residential clients.

How we shred.

We use a specially designed shredding truck to shred your paper.  Our truck uses a 6,000lb on board hammer-mill shredder…which to put it simply, the truck shreds a ton of paper in less than 15 minutes.

We are secure.

We take security very seriously.  We comply with all the state and federal privacy laws like HIPAA, GLB & FACTA.  Our paper never leaves our sight, we maintain a strict chain of custody ensuring your documents are shredded in front of you and stay in the Orange County Paper Shredding truck until recycled.

We recycle, every bit of paper we shred.

Pretty simple, being green is not just a tag line, we care about our environment and are committed to 100% recycling all shredded paper.

How we charge.

There are two types of service, one a weekly office shredding service and the other a one-time shredding service.

  • The one time service is just that, a one time deal.  We charge by the bankers box. 1-10 box(es) is $15ea.  10+ boxes is $10ea, and the price drops the more boxes you have.  Call us for bulk shredding prices.
  • The scheduled shredding service is for businesses.  We place our executive consoles in your office and charge you when we empty them.  Our price starts at 2 consoles for $50.00 each time we service the account(weekly, bi-weekly or monthly)

How Our Orange County Paper Shredding Works

Orange County Paper Shredding Mobile Shredding Truck

  1. Shred Bull Paper Shredding Truck arrives at your Orange County location.
  2. Our Orange County Paper Shredding staff gathers documents to be shredded.
  3. Documents are shredded at the customer’s location using our giant hammermill shredder.
  4. Client receives a certificate of destruction with their invoice.
  5. Shredded paper is securely transported to the paper recycling mill. The chain of custody is important, so the shredded paper never leaves our control until it is safely and securely recycled.

About us.

We are a small, local, family owned shredding service from Orange County.  Our business is run by the owner, John.  John owned a 30 person medical billing company for 9 years before selling it to his business partner, so he know about privacy laws.  Shred Bull is committed to making every customer satisfied.  We are fair, honest and reliable.  Give us a try, we promise you’ll be glad that you did.

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